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James Corden mocks Jada Pinkett Smith with 'We Don't Talk About Jada' parody

James Corden mocked Jada Pinkett Smith in a skit for "The Late Late Show" days after Will Smith slapped Chris Rock at the Oscars. The skit began with Corden and other show members discussing how to cover the 94th Academy Awards . While most of the members wanted to focus on big moments - such as "CODA" winning best picture - some thought the focus should be on the joke about Pinkett Smith that led to Smith slapping Rock in the face. "Or we could talk about the thing that everyone is talking about," one guy said. "No, you saw what happened. We have to talk about something else," Corden said.  

Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon pull epic April Fools' prank and switch shows for the night

 NEW YORK CITY, New York (WABC) -- Late night fans were in for a surprise when Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon pulled a fast April Fools' prank by switching shows for the night. Fallon went to Hollywood to host 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!' and Kimmel flew to New York City for 'The Tonight Show.'

Netflix Puts New Will Smith Movie on Hold

Netflix has placed Will Smith's new movie on hold after the last week's drama. The Hollywood Reporter  indicates that Fast and Loose will have to be shelved. Director David Leitch recently backed away from the project  and now there's even more turmoil. It seems as though the filmmaker is directing his attention towards the new Ryan Gosling picture, Fall Guy over at Universal Pictures. For Netflix, there was a full court press to find another director to replace Leitch, but now, they've decided to let things cool off  before putting Smith back out there again.  For the Fresh Prince star, he's still got Emancipation coming out on Apple+ at some point. The slave escape movie is in post-production and will need to be released in some form. His other work with Bad Boys  will also be paused for the moment. Audiences loved the latest entry in the series. It all seems a bit like window dressing in an industry where comebacks are about as common as the air

Denzel Washington Explains 'Devil' Quote ... After Will Smith Oscars Slap

  Denzel Washington says he immediately turned to God after the Chris Rock Oscars slap -- which is, in part, why he invoked the wicked one when chatting with Will Smith . The legendary actor explained what he meant Saturday when he told Smith, "At your highest moment, be careful, that's when the devil comes for you." It was during a leadership summit with author and pastor T.D. Jakes , in which DW had been invited to speak on his fait

Will Smith Is Gone, but the Academy Hasn’t Even Begun to Deal with the Sting of His Slap

  As every Hollywood publicist knows, controlling the narrative is the secret to success. When presumptive Best Actor winner Will Smith smacked Chris Rock across the face on the Oscars stage everyone lost that control, including Smith. “It was like someone poured concrete in that room,” producer Will Packer said on Good Morning America on Friday, in his own bid to claw back some of that power. “It sucked the life out of that room and it never came back.” Jessica Chastain and Ariana DeBose delivered smart speeches that did the Oscars proud. Best Supporting Actor winner Troy Kotsur saw his hometown of Mesa, Arizona fly banners to celebrate his historic victory. Smith also could have enjoyed the sweet peak of his three-decade career this week: One reason he won the Oscar is Hollywood understood that he might never deliver a strong performance in a movie as well-reviewed as “King Richard.” (Its 76 Metascore is his best ever. )

Mike Lindell Is Being Put Out Of Business As Dozens Of TV Affiliates Refuse To Air His Commercials

 Mike Lindell ranted and raved outside the Trump rally as dozens of local television affiliates have refused to air his commercials. Posted on Sat, Apr 2nd, 2022 by Jason Easley Mike Lindell Is Being Put Out Of Business As Dozens Of TV Affiliates Refuse To Air His Commercials Facebook Twitter Whatsapp Pinterest Reddit Print Mail Flipboard Advertising Mike Lindell ranted and raved outside the Trump rally as dozens of local television affiliates have refused to air his commercials. Video: Lindell was asked whether these stations that are refusing to air his commercials were local, regional, or national affiliates, and he answered, “These are smaller. I don’t even have the list. When I get the list. You’ll be the first one to get it. I just heard it on Friday. I said what? Believe me, when they cancel, they will never get to sell my product ag

Police still searching for suspect in Queens pawn shop assault

  JAMAICA, Queens (PIX11) — Police released new images of the man accused of critically injuring a Queens pawn shop owner with a metal rod. Police did not give the name or age of the victim, who was taken to a nearby hospital after the incident. Officers received a call about an assault about 12:59 p.m. Monday; the address given, 178-22 Jamaica Avenue, houses the Global Pawn Shop. Originally, police said the victim was shot in the head, but later clarified he was struck with a metal rod. The attack appears to have happened during a robbery. The suspect was last seen wearing a green Adidas baseball hat, a black face mask, a dark blue jacket, a black backpack, dark green pants and black shoes. He was last seen on foot fleeing westbound on Jamaica Avenue. Surveillance footage caught him in front of 185-09 Jamaica Avenue; police did not say if that was before or after the attack.