Netflix Puts New Will Smith Movie on Hold

Netflix has placed Will Smith's new movie on hold after the last week's drama. The Hollywood Reporter indicates that Fast and Loose will have to be shelved. Director David Leitch recently backed away from the project and now there's even more turmoil. It seems as though the filmmaker is directing his attention towards the new Ryan Gosling picture, Fall Guy over at Universal Pictures. For Netflix, there was a full court press to find another director to replace Leitch, but now, they've decided to let things cool off before putting Smith back out there again. 

For the Fresh Prince star, he's still got Emancipation coming out on Apple+ at some point. The slave escape movie is in post-production and will need to be released in some form. His other work with Bad Boys will also be paused for the moment. Audiences loved the latest entry in the series. It all seems a bit like window dressing in an industry where comebacks are about as common as the air we breathe. Despite that fact, Smith wrote a statement when he resigned from The Academy of Motion Pictures.



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